2017 India International Warehouse Logistics Exhibition INDIA WAREHOUSING SHOW 2017 (IWS 2017)

2017 7th India International Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain Exhibition

Time: July 27-29, 2017 Location: India New Delhi

Exhibition introduction

India’s international warehousing, logistics and supply chain exhibition is India’s major professional exhibition focusing on warehousing, logistics and supply chain. The exhibition has perfected the concept of “big logistics”, involving themes of warehouse, handling, storage and data collection (AIDC). ), packaging, logistics, supply chain, transportation, automation and other core sectors, focusing on the entire industry chain of advanced equipment and technology and related services, bringing a large number of relevant industry professional buyers to the exhibition, will also present a full coverage for the audience The one-stop platform for industrial information is a large platform for supply and marketing of logistics equipment manufacturers and service companies to show their strength, expand their markets and seek cooperation.

Market introduction

Compared with other emerging markets, India has an attractive logistics market due to its economic size and long-term growth expectations. The Indian logistics market currently has a size of approximately US$125 billion and an annual growth rate of 15%. India’s imports and exports are expected to more than double in 2015, reaching $385 million. This growth means that India’s transportation and logistics markets, including aviation, railways, roads and shipping, will increase by more than 15% annually. During this period, the output value of the logistics industry will double to nearly $50 billion.

Past review

Exhibitor scale: 141+ homes (350 logistics brands; 9 countries)

Audience size: 11,000 people (8 countries)

VIP buyers: 377 people

Exhibition area: 9500 square meters

Forum participation: 305 people

Audience analysis: storage 14%, logistics / transportation 10%, engineering 9%, vehicle / accessories 7%, electrical / electronic 7%, automation / IT / software 6%, catering 6%, construction 6%, retail 5%, agriculture 4%, etc.

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