2018 Dubai Exhibition show

2018 Middle East Material Handling Exhibition
Materials Handling Middle East 2018,
Time: September 11 – September 13
Date: 11th -13th of Sept.

First, the exhibition brief
The Middle East (Dubai) International Logistics Exhibition is the largest and only exhibition of warehousing, supply chain and logistics industry in the Middle East. It was founded in 2001 by the Frankfurt Convention and Exhibition Company and received strong support from the Dubai government. According to statistics, the 2015 exhibition attracted 129 exhibitors from 21 countries and nearly 5,000 visitors from 62 countries including the UAE, India, Iran, China, and the United Kingdom. The number of visitors increased by 33.5% compared with the previous session. . 84% of the exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the exhibition, 93% of the companies expressed their willingness to continue exhibiting, and 96% of the visitors expressed satisfaction with the product category of the exhibition. A warehousing and logistics conference will be held during the same period. The conference will last for two days. Industry experts from various countries will discuss the future development trend and new opportunities and challenges of the logistics industry.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the UAE. It is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is an important strategic location at the midpoint of the “Five Seas and Three Continents”. It is the main traffic and trade hub of the East and West. More than 80% of the goods in the Middle East go through. Dubai is transiting and radiating to most countries in Africa, with a population of 1.3 billion, so Dubai is also known as the “trade capital”. According to data released by the Dubai Statistical Center, Dubai’s GDP in 2015 was initially calculated at Dh3666.5 billion, or about US$99.8 billion, an increase of 4.1% year-on-year. Since 2014, China has been Dubai’s largest trading partner for two consecutive years. In 2015, China-Di bilateral trade volume was 176 billion dirhams (about 48.2 billion US dollars). In the first quarter of this year, China maintained its position as the largest trading partner of Dubai with a bilateral trade volume of Dh39 billion (approximately US$10.7 billion). The 2016 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, launched by world-renowned logistics service provider Agility, shows that the UAE ranks second only to China. Among them, the UAE ranks first in the “Connectivity” sub-item for its comprehensive infrastructure, transportation, customs and border management.

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