2019 CeMAT

The 2019 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation Systems Exhibition (CeMAT) is an international annual feast in the logistics industry and attracted over 120,000 visitors in four days and is an international annual feast in the logistics industry.

W2-F3 booth iConvey HuananXinhai combined modular belt intelligent sorting and conveying equipment with Peking Opera, which shocked the exhibition site.

In the exhibition, iConvey HuananXinhai has arranged the exhibition into various application scenarios with the theme of “making logistics more intelligent,making production more efficient”.

The exhibition fully demonstrated the importance of iConvey Huanan Xinhai Smart Logistics Solution to production, logistics and other enterprises. In addition, domestic and foreign industry professionals, new and old customers visited the exhibition, and fully praised the company’s intelligent sorting system series products, and won the recognition and support of many new and old customers.

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