2019 Shanghai Propak Logistics Exhibition

As the outstanding processing and packaging industry event in China – the 25th Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition (ProPak China 2019) will be held on June 19-21, 2019 to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Whether it’s packaging machinery, food processing, liquid processing, weighing and metering equipment, packaging materials and containers, industrial robots, warehousing logistics and quality testing equipment, ProPak China will be food, beverage, dairy, daily, fast-moving, The pharmaceutical, health and other industries offer a wide selection and one-stop processing and packaging solutions.

Huanan Xinhai brought the company’s latest technology products, excellent sales, and engineers to the Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition. To this end, South China Xinhai has an exhibition area of ​​60 square meters in the main exhibition area, and a total of 15 sales and engineering teams have been dispatched. Xinhairen demonstrated the latest intelligent sorting system, combined with the module with flat turning machine, fast and efficient operation, zero fault perfect interpretation of the spirit of Industry 4.0. The exhibition gathered many domestic and foreign customers in the same industry and related fields. Many foreign customers in the logistics application industry have shown great interest in our products, and they have come to the site for consultation and physical experience. The new and old customers are on the scene, and our staff warmly receive the reception and introduce them to the latest product features and practical application scenarios. In the exhibition area, there are accessories for the module belt. The new series of modules of the HONGS’BELT brand are very dazzling, as well as the iConvey brand of our core, mature flat turning machine and intelligent sorting system. The whole machine application products greatly satisfy the market demand of different customers. In response to the new changes in the customer market and the demand for new competitive technologies, we have made a detailed customized solution for the on-site customers, and the customers nodded and praised. Finally, the customer with Xinhai’s small gifts and product manuals, leaving with full harvest and higher expectations, will become a greater motivation for the new sea people, the future of Xinhai will be even better!

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