Partner qualification review

Our partner qualifications are relaxed, because the chances you meet are really great. There is proverb saying in China that “it’s not coming early as good as coming in time .”If you happen to be one of the following in the smart transmission field, you are eligible to cooperate.
1. Intelligent transmission equipment accessories supplier
The customer’s equipment uses a modular belt or a PVC traditional conveyor belt, and now wants to get involved in the whole machine but no hardware and software support. Congratulations! Now you have this opportunity. We will evaluate your basic customer market and industry, and decide to authorize you to represent our core products and provide all necessary hardware and software and post-sales support. Guarantee your ability to have a powerful terminal solution!
2. Intelligent transmission equipment semi-integrator
If you happen to be in the field of intelligent transmission equipment, but because of its own conditions, you can only provide support from hardware or software, and miss the opportunity to cooperate with the big customers of the terminal, so tell you now. When you meet Iconvey, you will meet a big chance. We will focus on your current strengths, and cooperate with Iconey to strengthen the technology and service upgrade advantages, so that you can maintain core competitiveness in the fierce market. Specifically, if you have more powerful software development conditions, we will provide hardware products with reliable quality and technical docking compatibility, so that you have the ability to fully integrate;
If you have your own hardware, we can also customize the solution for your customers, providing software support and after-sales training. Our cooperation is multifaceted and flexible. Choosing Iconvey is the chance to choose!
3. Intelligent transmission equipment integrator
If you are already a strong integrator in this field, we believe that Iconvey products give you one more option and one more option. 

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Service Network

At present, iConvey accessories partners are all over the world, and we are now deploying the market for intelligent transmission equipment in the world. Within three years of the program, the whole machine partners and related after-sales outlets will be centered in Shenzhen, China, covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. Relying on existing accessory service providers, we have established new machine partners in the United States, Mexico, Chile, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Australia and other countries. These partners will Sharing headquarters technical services and detailed solution resource support, ultimately with strong terminal integration solution and rapid response capabilities, to solve customer’s actual needs and after-sales needs. Iconvey warmly welcomes you to join us, let us promote the development of the exciting global smart transmission market!

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