Technical support and services

How does Iconvey provide a truly powerful conveyor system solution?

At present, Iconvey Group has stood at the top of China’s industry. Thanks to China’s strong closed-loop supply chain and mature injection molding manufacturing system, Iconvey Group currently has 200+ injection molding machines, self-produced and self-developed including a full range of modular belts, and supports 5000+ conveyor belt solutions. All independent mold design and storage, and even support customized molds for exclusive customers.

Stable supply, your orders will trustworthy arrive on time.

Iconvey has a large number of stable raw material suppliers. Since the global epidemic in 2020, we have hoarded enough raw materials for the products to maintain full production capacity for 2 months after the supplier was cut off.

The International Institute of Polymer Materials established by the Group in cooperation with the Southern University of Science and Technology and the international doctoral team in cooperation with other scientific research organizations have independently developed 10,000+ patents since its establishment, and new material achievements for the transmission solution have also been continuously produced.




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