Successful Case

iConvey’s belt conveyors have been perfectly working in the custom security detection all over the world.

1.By replacing complicated parts like entrance corrector, guild rail, and chain with Iconvey’s flat, stable and continuous modular belt conveyors, people’s security and vehicle’s security could be significantly improve in vehicle security detection industry. What’s more, its stander working process contribute to reduce time consuming and human cost.

2.Vehicle passing through our conveyors, are no longer require to align on the corrector which frequently damage to the body of the vehicle, instead, they are allow to drive straight onto the surface of our conveyor. For there is no need of guild rail and chain, damaging tire bead, brake parks, exhaust pipe and car body can be avoided.

3.Perfect anti-skid design belt top with pusher make the conveying of car more stable .

Ⅰ.Shenzhen Huanggang Port Automotive Security Inspection Project

Ⅱ.Xinjiang Kashgar Border Security Inspection Project

Ⅲ.Armenian Customs Security Inspection Project

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