China Post Distribution Centre

The intelligent sorting system of the Shenzhen branch of China Post’s distribution network is applied to the Dalang distribution center of the Shenzhen Branch of China Post Group Corporation.  As the integrator of the project, South China Xinhai adheres to the concept of “making logistics more intelligent and making production more efficient”, and exerts the “power” of the intelligent sorting system with module belt as the core, making the Dalang distribution center realize  The “intelligent sorting, rapid circulation, and fewer people operation” of express parcels have achieved multiple effects such as improved efficiency and quality, reduced labor costs, and improved operating environment. 

Dalang Distribution Center is one of the few intelligent distribution centers in China that can sort large and small parts at the same time. The automatic large and small parts sorting system used is a new generation of sorting type in Xinhai, South China.  , Reduce operating costs, and easy to maintain, it has become the preferred sorting equipment in domestic express delivery, e-commerce logistics and other fields.

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