Cooperation with Siemens to make the sorting sysytem High efficiency and intelligent

The module belt intelligent sorting system of  iConvey  helps the logistics distribution center to sort express packages quickly and accurately. On the sorting line of up to tens of meters, how to accurately deliver the different goods to the corresponding processing crossing according to the address information, and then finally reach the corresponding delivery car through the crossing. This is one of the problems faced by automated sorting equipment.  An important challenge.

 The Siemens SINAMICS V90 servo system can quickly drive the module belt to deliver goods to the corresponding crossing position accurately.

“With the help of leading motion control technologies such as the Siemens SINAMICS V90 servo system, we are constantly innovating and continuously launching intelligent logistics equipment that meets the precision, stability, economy and efficiency of the express delivery industry, and we will not bear the trust of our customers.” Jianrong Hong commented  ., Chairman of iConvey of Huanan Xinhai   . 

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