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The stable operation of the equipment is the basis for the quality assurance of corrugated cardboard. In this regard, enterprises should work from the following perspectives:

1. Maintenance and maintenance of equipment is the primary task

The abnormal shutdown of the corrugated cardboard production line will produce a large amount of waste products, resulting in a reduction in production efficiency and an increase in production costs. Effective maintenance and maintenance of equipment is the most effective way to reduce the shutdown rate.

2. Daily maintenance

Whether the equipment can operate normally depends to a large extent on whether the daily maintenance work can keep up. The general equipment maintenance principles are: sufficient lubrication, complete cleaning, careful and meticulous.

There are hundreds of lubricating parts in the corrugated board production line, which can be divided into oil lubricating parts and grease lubricating parts according to the different lubricants used. Different lubricating parts should strictly use corresponding lubricants, and the lubricating parts should be kept fully lubricated. If the temperature of corrugated roller and pressure roller is high, high temperature grease should be strictly used.

The cleaning of the equipment also plays an important role in the maintenance process. It is closely related to the lubrication condition of the equipment. It should be mainly dust-free and free of debris to avoid accelerated wear and even damage of parts due to the influence of dust and debris.

3. Maintenance work

The equipment department should formulate a detailed maintenance plan and implement it according to the problems that occur during the use of the equipment to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

4. Management of equipment wearing parts

For the management of equipment wearing parts, real-time monitoring is very necessary. It is necessary to establish a tracking account for the use of equipment wearing parts, conduct real-time monitoring and analysis, find out the reasons for the rapid wear and tear of wearing parts, and formulate countermeasures to prevent unplanned downtime due to damage to wearing parts.

Under normal circumstances, the management of wearing parts should take the following two measures: one is to change the material and manufacturing process of the wearing parts to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life; the other is to use them in a reasonable use environment to reduce artificial , Unnecessary damage caused by environmental factors.

5. Pay attention to the renewal and transformation of key components of the equipment

In recent years, technological innovations in corrugated cardboard production lines have emerged one after another, and new technological highlights have led companies to update and transform key components of corrugated cardboard production line equipment. At present, the special module belt for the corrugated industry invented by HONG’S BELT is made of the newly developed HK plastic material, which greatly increases the load-bearing capacity. And it will not cause contact damage to the cardboard, and the application of this solution in China is very mature.

6. Production management system

Using the production management system of the corrugated board production line to control the production cost, the production efficiency of the corrugated board production line can be more accurately calculated, and the speed of the entire production line can be synchronized. Generally, the waste rate of corrugated cardboard can be reduced by more than 5%, and the amount of starch is also significantly reduced.

Automatic paper splicer

The use of automatic splicing machine for splicing paper can avoid unnecessary waste during splicing, reduce the shutdown of the corrugated cardboard production line and the occurrence of quality problems, and ensure a stable high production speed and high cardboard quality of the entire production line.

Paste machine touch rod

The contact pressure bar of the paste machine is made of many wear-resistant arc-shaped plates and springs. The elastic force of the springs always makes the arc-shaped plates evenly fit on the paste roller, even if the paste roller is worn and concave, the spring plate With the depression, the corrugated paper is always evenly attached to the paste roller. In addition, the spring with balanced elasticity will automatically adjust the height according to the thickness of the base paper and the change of the flute shape, so that the flute height of the corrugated core paper when it enters the gluing machine and the flute height when it leaves the gluing machine after gluing can be guaranteed to remain unchanged, effectively controlling The amount of glue applied and the quality of the board are greatly improved.

Hot plate touch plate

The hot plate contact plate is used to replace the traditional gravity roller contact pressure heat transfer method. It is made of special wear-resistant material plates. Each plate is equipped with a spring with balanced elastic force, so that each plate can fully touch the hot plate, which increases the heating area of ​​the cardboard and improves the The heat transfer efficiency is improved, which can improve the speed of the vehicle, ensure the intact corrugated shape, enhance the strength of the corrugated cardboard and increase the thickness of the corrugated cardboard.

Automatic paste making system

The paste making process is the process with the largest fluctuation and the most critical impact on the quality of the cardboard in the entire production process. The traditional paste-making formula is single, and it is easy to cause inaccurate feeding due to human factors, which makes the quality of the adhesive unstable. The automatic paste making system is a typical complex integrating technology, machinery and automatic control. It can process the formula function, historical data, real-time data, dynamic monitoring function, human-machine dialogue, etc. in the paste making system. Stable and controlled, it can make the operation of the production line more stable, reduce human factors, completely solve the quality problems of cardboard such as foaming, fluting, and softening, and reduce the scrap rate.

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