iConvey got the award of Key Logistics Companies in Shenzhen

A few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission awarded the key logistics enterprise certificate to the “2019 Shenzhen Key Logistics Enterprise” evaluated recently, and awarded the key logistics honor plaque.  Shenzhen Huanan Xinhai Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Relies on its strong technical service capabilities, healthy and rapid development speed, super comprehensive strength, and the operating attitude of supply chain benchmarking companies in the process of reviewing key logistics companies in 2019  Stand out from the crowd and successfully rated as “2019 Shenzhen Key Logistics Enterprise”.

Powerful  and  experienced  applications  
 By 2020, Huanan Xinhai  has accumulated 20 years of rich logistics service experience!  20 years old, just like a young guy full of energy and energy.  Although young but experienced, he has presided over many world-class and national-level key projects in recent years, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge China Customs Vehicle Safety Inspection and Transmission System; Beijing Daxing International Airport Customs Baggage Inspection and Sorting System;  Regional heavy goods intelligent transfer sorting system; China Post distribution network Shenzhen project intelligent transfer sorting system; Zhongtong express sorting center matrix sorting system; Yunda, Best, Debon, DHL sorting center intelligent transfer system …  .. These have won many praises and affirmations from the predecessors of the logistics industry and the Shenzhen Communications Commission!

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge-Auto Safety Inspection Module Belt Conveying System

SF Express  distribution centre  modular belt of  intelligent sorting system   

China Post distribution Centre 

Advanced  technology and high quality  

Today, iConvey has made great achievements, and has obtained more than 400 product design patents and utility model patents. The number of conveyed products has reached hundreds. Among them are heavy products independently developed by iConvey : modules with intelligent sorting systems;  Zhuao Bridge China Customs Vehicle Safety Inspection and Transmission System; Industrial Lego Conveyor Belt; Airport Logistics Transmission System; E-Commerce Sorting and Transmission System; Express Sorting and Transmission System; Warehousing Automatic Transmission System.  If you look closely, you can find that they are widely distributed in e-commerce, express delivery, medical equipment, medicine, clothing, automobiles, tires, military industries and other industries.

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