iConvey got the government’s agreement of resumption of work and production

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, it has always touched everyone’s heart.  Faced with this smokeless war, all Xinhai people actively invested in this battle with their meager strength.  During this period, our company actively responded to the policies of the national government and quickly established the epidemic prevention headquarters on January 26.  Under the leadership of the epidemic prevention headquarters, all departments confronted the epidemic in an orderly and orderly manner, ensuring the smooth development of various tasks.  In the face of strict approval of the government’s resumption of work materials and complicated processes, our company is competing against time to prepare the rework application materials as quickly as possible and submit them quickly.  With the joint efforts of the company’s leaders and employees in various departments, we finally overcame all difficulties, and on February 22, we obtained the review and approval document for the resumption of work of the Lilang International Jewelry Park headquarters office area, which was officially put into operation to provide support for anti-epidemic materials enterprises.  In order to allow all Xinhai people to resume work in the best condition with peace of mind.  Our company has also made preparations for resumption of work early, from facility material preparation to health and safety inspection, no matter the details, and strive to be comprehensive, only to provide a safe and hygienic working environment for colleagues who return to work.

Adequate inventory for Mask  

Adequate inventory for  Hand Sanitizer Disposable  

Check  the temperature three times in  a day  

Disinfect  arranged   

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