iConvey – Supply ” Thought ” Sorting System

On March 17, Zheng Yanling, secretary general of Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, and his party visited the office and exhibition hall at the headquarters of Shenzhen Huanan Xinhai Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Huanan Xinhai”)  During the visit, Secretary General Zheng Yanling experienced part of the equipment samples, and expressed appreciation to Xinhai, South China for not forgetting its original intention in the past 19 years and always insisting on independent innovation around intelligent sorting.

Since its establishment in 2000, under the leadership of Hong Jianrong, chairman of the company,  Xinhai, after 19 years of accumulation of modular belt products and technical solutions, has continued to develop and innovate around the modular belt sorting and conveying system technology.  The core industrial components, leading products and industry transmission system solutions are integrated into a complete industrial value chain.

Using thoughtful transmission to lead the logistics industry to the era of intelligent AI .With unmanned and automated operations becoming popular, and intelligent logistics is on the rise, all traditional industries are beginning to seek intelligent transformation and upgrading. In the era of transmission 4.0, what is needed is the combination of artificial intelligence and transmission equipment. In terms of technological innovation, iConvey actively responds to the country  Called to follow the advancement of the “smart manufacturing” development strategy and promote the in-depth development of smart logistics. 

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