Car Wash
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Iconvey Intelligent Conveyor System Solutions

Automotive Industry System Solutions

Car Wash & Car Security Inspertion & Automotive Production

ICONVEY Automotive conveyor, support the car wash, car assembly and car care industries, with high load-carrying capacity, anti-corrosion, no rust.

Simple Installation Saves Time & Cost

A new type of conveying that improves efficiency, saves energy and protects the environment,low coefficient of friction with low noise.

Free Combination, Long Life

Free combination of length and width the flat conveying surface ensures safe production, and the product is 8 times more durable than traditional metal conveyors.

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Car Wash

Car Wash

ICONVEY has 15 years of industry experience in the car wash conveyor industry and hundreds of successful cases. ICONVEY® Car Wash Installs HONG’S BELT® Patented™ Modular Belt, Adopt “HK™” special polymer material with the title of king of Load, We Created the Hardest Modular Plastic Belts in the Industry,Lower total cost of ownership or system acquisition costs, Low Frictional Resistance, Environmental Protection and Energy Saving.

ICONVEY 8-year-old car wash conveyor system is still stable and durable

Car Care

Car Security Inspertion

  • Modular conveyor belts provide advantages for the entire car care process.
  • During rapid car careapplication, car is driven directly onto the conveyor belt, maintenance people can safely finish all workbefore the end of the belt.
Car ssembly

Automotive Production

  • ICONVEY® Anti-skid Conveyor Belts for Worker Safety.
  • 50% Annual Savings Compared to Rubber Belts
  • No Need to Add Lubricating Oil, Anti-corrosion without Rust
  • System-wide Anti-static

Instructions for conveyors in the automotive industry


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We can not only design production system solutions, but also customize the production of conveyor belts, modular belts and accessories you need. Our professional engineers can help you find the product you need. download documentation or contact us.

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Industry Leading Reliability & Durability

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