ICONVEY helps you experience the perfect conveying solution for the bakery industry

ICONVEY provides comprehensive Bakery industry conveyance solutions

  • ICONVEY® Conveyor & Modular Belt are widely used in baking industry, especially for cooling line in spiral conveyor.Modular plastic belt HS-500B is your ideal solutions for spiral conveyor. ICONVEY® Bakery Team members include bakery experts from engineering, customer service, and technical support departments, as well as dedicated bakery-specific account managers, to ensure that we fully understand our customers’ applications and conveyance needs.

  • ICONVEY® provided a perfect conveying solution for food industry from food transmission, sorting to storage. In addition, ICONVEY® helps customers to lower the operating cost with its excellent reliability and accuracy, improve the productivity sharply and realize the rapid development of enterprises at the same time.

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Dough Area

Dough Area

ICONVEY provides a wealth of experience for your dough handling needs, reducing your maintenance and production costs, ICONVEY uses its own brand HONG’S BELT Modular Conveyor Belt Solutions for Dough Handling Applications Advantages:

  • No matter what kind of modular belt you are using, our products are compatible with most other brands, plug and play.
  • LONGER BELT LIFE: HONG’S BELT Modular Belts last at least five times longer than flat belts
  • Non-stick material, reducing flour consumption, eliminating slippage and mistracking
  • The equipment has passed FDA food safety certification
  • Easy to clean and maintain the belt surface
Proofing Area

Proofing Area

ICONVEY provides Spiral Proofer, Linear Proofer, tray proofers, lifter solutions for Proofing Area. Our solutions can effectively reduce your energy consumption. Almost maintenance-free solutions are designed to provide more benefits for your business.

  • Homogeneous belt for easy cleaning, Non-stick tape material, no residue
  • Effectively prevent unplanned downtime
  • Eliminate metal chips, Heat resistant material available
  • Precise belt speed and smooth movement

Infeeder & Conveying Trays

The Infeeder & Conveying Trays solution developed by ICONVEY to bring the dough into the oven to withstand heat and run smoothly, paired with HONG’S BELT modular belts that are perfectly compatible with other brands. Enables quick and easy on-site splicing. Helps you reduce labor costs and Minimize maintenance.

  • Stable performance in hot, dry and oily environments
  • Fully compatible module strips, plug and play
  • Eliminates ferrous metal speckle and metal oxidation contamination of products
  • Heat-resistant modular belt material for long-lasting optimum performance


ICONVEY Depanning solution can take out different shapes and weights of bread from various molds. With its own brand HONG’S BELT Modular Belt, it is compatible with most other brands, and we have hundreds of successful cases around the world.

  • Food Grade Metal Detection Suction Cups and Retaining Rings
  • Oil and wear resistant heavy duty food grade modular belt
  • Patented design, the service life is more than 2 times that of the traditional solution
Spiral Cooling

Cooling & Freezing Area

The bread needs to be allowed to cool before it is ready to be sliced and packaged. ICONVEY Spiral Conveyor achieves the fastest cooling of products in tight spaces, we use industry-wide, fully compatible solutions that ensure better quality with longer life than others.

  • Plastic material lasts longer and requires less maintenance
  • Unique design for optimal air circulation and cooling
  • Downtime is minimized
  • FDA approved, food grade modular belt, easy to clean
Packaging Area

Packaging Area

ICONVEY Packaging Area Solutions uses HONG’S BELT HS-700N Series Roller Belts to reduce product damage and maintenance, and a bakery was able to reduce routine maintenance by 90% after installing HS-700N Series Roller Belts on a slicer infeed conveyor. Because he can provide 3 times the life of the traditional belt.

  • The service life of equipment and modular belts is more than 3 times that of traditional belts
  • Thousands of cases have proven stable and efficient in slicing, bagging, and sealing
  • Ultra-low failure rate and reduced maintenance
  • Use the industry-wide compatible solution, allowing only partial replacement of the modules you are using, plug and play.

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