Corrugated Cardboard & Packaging

Iconvey Intelligent Conveyor System Solutions

Corrugated Cardboard & paper & packaging Intelligent Conveyor System Solutions

Cardboard Conveying & Original Paper Intelligent Conveyor

Standardized, Modularized and Intelligent Corrugated & Packaging Conveying System, the Product Can Achieve Functions Such as Climbing, Turning, Reversing, and Shuttle

Automated Systems Maximize Operating Cost Savings

Modular System, Extremely Low Equipment Maintenance Cost, 24-hour Work, More than 5 Times the Efficiency

  • We have served projects in more than 80 regions and countries with global delivery capabilities

Rugged, Economical, Simple

Long Service Life, Low Maintenance and Smooth Surfaces Improve Production Quality and Save You Time and Money

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Product Series & Application Cases

Corrugated Cardboard Logistic Conveyor System

Corrugated Cardboard Conveyor

  • Fully Automatic, modular Connection, Low Maintenance Cost
  • single load :Standard Edition (2T) , PRO (3T)
  • 7 Times Longer Service Life than Metal(metal Fatigue) Conveyor Belts

Belt type:

  • HS-502A-HD
  • HS-4800A
  • HS-1500A-HD(Thicker Type)

Flat Top Curve Conveyor

  • Prevent slippage of conveyor belt, smooth & orderly transportation
  • Rotation Angle: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°. Maximum Load-bearing: 500kg, Waterproof, Heat-resistant, Durable and Wear-resistant
  • Fully Automatic, Modular Connection

Belt type:

  • HS-2000A

Ultra-wide Curved Conveyor

  • The Maximum Width is 5 Meters, and the Maximum Load is 500kg (conveying Sur-face Full Load).
  • Fully Automatic, modular Connection, Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Multi-industry, Multi-scenario Application, Simple and Efficient.

Belt type:

  • HS-300B-HD-GB
90 Transferring Conveyor layout drawings

90 Degree Transfer Conveyor

  • 90 Degree Transferring Conveyors is Able to Accurately Set the Direction and Location for Packing without Complicated Control Device and Extra Parts for Transferring.
  • Fully Automatic, modular Connection, Low Maintenance Cost Support customization

Belt type:

  • HS-3800-2C

XY Degree Turn Conveyor

  • Speed: Max.15M/min (modular belt),Function: Manage 90 degree turns with precision.
  • Intelligent Automatic Conveying, Efficient Work
  • Support customization.
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Belt type:

  • HS-502A-HD
  • HS-1500A-HD(Thicker Type)
Rotary disk conveying equipment

Rotary disk conveying equipment

Belt type:

  • HS-502A-HD

Corrugated ground modular conveying line

Belt type:

  • HS-502A-HD
  • HS-1500A-HD(Thicker Type)

Heavy-duty turning conveying

Belt type:

  • HS-3800C

High-speed counting machine wide continuous conveyor system

Belt type:

  • HS-300B-HD-GB

Medium paper packaging machine heavy-duty conveying line

Belt type:

  • HS-1800E

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