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Development Trend

  • As production capacity increases, cost control becomes the primary factor in competition, so the introduction of a high-quality modular plastic conveying system into the tire production line solves various problems that have arisen before. Compared with traditional conveyor belts, ICONVEY & HONGSBELT has thousands of intelligent modular belts of different materials & colors, intelligent Tire conveyor, which have obvious advantages and can run through every link of tire manufacturing.
  • We have served projects in more than 80 regions and countries with global delivery capabilities

Advantages of Modular Belt System Solutions

  • Maintenance cost: Reducing 85%, almost Zero maintenance

  • Life time:5-7 times longer than traditional belt

  • Production efficiency: Increasing 50%

  • Safety: Protect tires during the production

After-sales Guarantee

  • Advanced Equipment and standard production process,ensure quality and meet mass production

  • Enough raw material in stock, ensure an immediate schedule for production and delivery on time

  • Local service provides more than 80 countries, with global service capabilities

Tire Production Process

Tire industry flow chart (1)

A Letter to the User

  • ICONVEY & HONGSBELT’s Industry Compatible Modular Belt Solutions are the Best Choice for Transporting Tires, Repairs, and Substituting Other Brands.

  • Along with the growing market demand and increasing competition HONGSBELT has been proving high-quality and innovative modular belts for tire manufacturing through the constant introduction of new materials. Offers a range of industry-compatible solutions for tire handling technologies, combined with optimized layouts and reduce costs that can increase yield and manufacturing efficiency. HONGSBELT module belt is perfectly compatible with other brands, etc. If you need to repair a certain section, you may try our solution at a low cost.

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