Jianrong Hong Chairman of iConvey new year message :Follow the trend and innovated bravely

We quit the old  year of 2019 and welcome the new year of 2020 , both by happily ways  ! 
  In 2019, in the 19th year of the founding of  Huanan Xinhai , all of  the colleagues came together, sweating and hardship all the way, experiencing the trough and experiencing the bitterness! The infinite years have witnessed our efforts, and the endless efforts  have even more publicized our growth. The past year was the most critical year in the rapid development process of Huanan Xinhai , and it was also a fruitful year. In this year, the company carried out all-round upgrades and innovations. In  terms of scale, South China Xinhai has expanded its production scale on the basis of the existing Shenzhen headquarters and the Dongguan Smart Manufacturing Factory. For example, the first phase of the Chaozhou factory has been put into use, and the total area has exceeded 30,000  square meters. In addition, the planned second phase of the new factory in Chaozhou has formed a pattern of three domestic production bases with Shenzhen headquarters as the R & D center. The aim is to c  ontinue to deepen the Chinese local market and lay a solid foundation for more localized manufacturing and assembly in the future. In addition, South China Sea has established a 1,700 square meter global product innovation display center in its Shenzhen headquarters to provide customers and friends with a  platform for visiting, training, and implementing intelligent automated high-tech equipment products.

In 2020, iConvey of Huanan Xinhai  will continue to seize the opportunity, follow the trend,  innovate bravely , and use Ai to empower the transmission system to reward the new and old customers.  With thoughtful transmission, we will fully support the large logistics industry with firepower and lead the trend of the smart logistics industry: “Ai Smart +” era.  Finally, Xinhua thanks all friends for their trust and companionship. In 2020, we will become better, and wish you all the best in the new year and a happy New Year!  

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