Heavy Loading Modular Belt Conveyor

iConvey provide innovative solution for the production and processing of vehicle

  • Sepcification: Standard
  • Speed: Adjustable
  • Voltage: 220V-500V
  • Power: 1.5KW-8KW
  • Motor: SEW or Others
  • Color: Chose by You
  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Belt Material: PP, PE, POM, PA
  • Features: Waterproof and Heat Resistant
  • Certificate: FDA/ ISO9001:2009/CE

1. Vehicle maintenance and Painting

iConvey’s modular belt conveyor contribute to improve the reliability of anti-skid conveying and reduce the time of accident machine halt. It is very easy to replace the broken module with new one without using any complicated tools. Modular belt is made by low friction material so it can reduce noise, save energy, and prolong life time and is free of lubrication. It’s anti-static feature is very suitable to be used in the situation where workers need no touch belt directly.

2. General assembling line and quality detecting line for raining

iConvey’s vehicle conveying line is specially design for the final assembling and final quality control. Our conveyors provide stable and safe working platform for the vehicle on the conveyor. Special anti-skid design allow workers to safely walk on the belt even with water. Perforated modular belt is design for water test line. The hole on the belt is designed for draining to make sure the surface of the belt is safe. Anti-skid belt is applied to loading place, products collecting place, vehicle maintenance factory, planting factory and general assembling line.

3. iConvey provide superior solution for the whole process of vehicle security detection conveying.

  • Modular design make installation easier and save time.
  • There is no need of tension system .
  • High efficiency of cost and simple system design.
  • Bearing position is lower
  • Low friction avoid energy waste and provide quiet conveying environment.
  • There is yellow safety sign on the margin of belt.
  • New material modular belt is light, of high strength, eco-friendly, energy-saving and anti-ultraviolet to prevent aging.
  • Strong capacity of loading (Maximum loading will be 10T )

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