ICONVEY Modular Belt Conveyors: Built to Last and Resist Corrosion

Our ICONVEY modular belt conveyors, embodying toughness and durability, excel in various settings. From harsh environments to prolonged operations, our equipment demonstrates exceptional resilience and resistance to corrosion. The intricately crafted modular structure guarantees remarkable reliability, positioning it as the perfect solution for all your material transport requirements.

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ICONVEY Modular Belt Conveyors Type

ICONVEY Switch conveyors

Switch conveyors

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  • ICONVEY modular belt conveyors are crafted using a lightweight, yet robust, polycarbonate material. This choice of material ensures that these conveyors offer a perfect balance of portability and durability. Additionally, the conveyors boast a versatile range of plastic link belting options, including flat top, flush grid, rubber top, mesh top, and accumulation conveyor belts. These interchangeable belting styles are tailored to meet the specific operational requirements of your business.

  • To enhance convenience, ICONVEY modular belt conveyors come with various frame options, many of which are equipped with casters. This feature enables you to effortlessly move the conveyors around, making them highly portable. Moreover, if you’re aiming to maximize floor space and improve efficiencies, ICONVEY offers overhead conveyors that can be suspended from the ceiling.


Efficiency and Durability: ICONVEY Modular Belt Conveyors

Investing in the ICONVEY modular belt conveyor with Hongsbelt modular belts is a smart choice, driven by its exceptional efficiency. This conveyor system offers high-speed, low-friction conveying, suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from transporting lightweight items to heavy loads.


We’ve Built Conveyors For:

ICONVEY Modular Belt Conveyors Features

ICONVEY Modular Conveyor Structural Diagram
  • Frame Material Options: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Reinforced Carbon Steel

  • Tailored Gear Motors: Nord or SEW for Superior Performance

  • High Load Capacity & Speed: Up to 1000 kg, Up to 120 Meters per Minute

  • Diverse Modular Belt Selection: Various High-Quality Materials Available

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Equipment

Our Success Projects & Solution

At ICONVEY®, we are not just conveyor machine manufacturers; we are your partners in success. We provide comprehensive support from concept to installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation of our conveyor systems. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to collaborate with you, providing personalized guidance and solutions that maximize your operational efficiency.

SF Express Asia Sorting Center
SF Express Asia Sorting Center
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Pepsi beverage factory
Pepsi beverage factory

Low Cost of Ownership

ICONVEY modular belt conveyors are designed to contribute to a low cost of ownership in several ways:

  • Modularity: Embracing a modular philosophy, our conveyors are easily reconfigured to meet specific and evolving business needs. This not only ensures adaptability but also eliminates the need for purchasing new equipment in the future, effectively reducing costs associated with equipment replacement.

  • Durability: Built with high-quality components, ICONVEY modular belt conveyors guarantee a durable system designed to last. This not only minimizes the frequency of part replacements but also lowers maintenance costs, reducing the inventory of spare parts that need to be carried.

  • Low Maintenance Costs: The design simplicity of our conveyors minimizes the number of components and wear items, resulting in fewer repairs and preventative maintenance requirements. Additionally, the use of non-tensioned belts eliminates the need for continuous belt tracking, thereby reducing maintenance time and associated costs.

  • Energy Efficiency: ICONVEY modular belt conveyors come equipped with standard motor packages, featuring DC brushless motors with reversing and variable speed capabilities. These motor packages significantly contribute to energy efficiency by reducing consumption by an average of 30% year-over-year compared to standard 3-phase AC motor packages. Consequently, this translates to substantial cost savings in energy expenses.

  • Easy Integration and Installation: Most ICONVEY modular belt conveyors can be easily assembled on-site by a business’s own staff, effectively reducing costs associated with hiring additional fabricators and installers. In scenarios where larger projects necessitate external support, our systems seamlessly integrate with existing equipment, further minimizing installation costs.

Energize Your Operations: Efficient, Integrated ICONVEY Moaular Belt Conveyors

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  • We specialize in manufacturing and designing nearly all types of conveyors in our autonomous factory and more.

  • Seamless Adaptability: Our wide array of Conveyors empowers you to handle diverse materials and navigate various environments effortlessly, elevating operational efficiency and flexibility.

  • Optimized Space Utilization: Maximize your workspace with our curved and mini Conveyors, efficiently managing materials even in confined areas.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our dedication to customization means we can create modular belts and conveyor systems precisely tailored to your requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for your business.

  • If you just need modular belt, HONG’S BELT is also another brand of our group, <CHECK OUT>
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