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Seamless 90-Degree Transfers for Precision Handling

iCONVEY Transfer Conveyor

Revolutionize your material handling efficiency with Transfer Conveyor, featuring precision-engineered HONGSBELT Modular Belts. This innovative solution ensures seamless 90-degree transfers, setting a new standard for efficiency in material handling. Elevate your workflow with the perfect blend of durability, space optimization, and the reliability of modular belt technology. iCONVEY is your key to precision and unmatched efficiency in every material transfer.


Save Space

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Stable & Efficient

99.99% accuracy

Transfer Point Elimination

Support Any Shape Object

Modular Durability

Technical Specifications and Advantages of iCONVEY Transfer Conveyor

Elevate your material handling efficiency with iCONVEY Transfer Conveyor. Powered by innovative HONGSBELT modular belt technology, these conveyors redefine precision, efficiency, and durability in one seamless solution. With precision control, efficient space savings, modular belt durability, and easy integration into existing systems, iCONVEY® Transfer Conveyor offer a cutting-edge approach to material handling. Experience the pinnacle of technology and optimize your operations with the unmatched advantages of iCONVEY® Transfer Conveyor. Choose innovation for a new era in material handling.

Benefits of 90 Degree Transfer Conveyor

  • ICONVEY modular conveyor belt has more than 10 times service life,long life time and reducing replacement cost than traditional conveyor belt.

  • ICONVEY modular conveyor is easy to assemble, allowing only the replacement of damaged parts, easy to replace, saving maintenance time and costs.

  • ICONVEY modular conveyor belt has strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance and oil resistance.

  • Flexible modular structure adapts to multi-scene and multi-terrain

  • Standard module belt straight conveyor, environmental protection module belt.

  • Easy Installation ,energy Saving and Environmental Protection

  • We have the most complete range of modular belts in the world, and the modular belts are also compatible with other brands, so you can customize everything you need at low cost.

iconvey sturdy
  • Tire Conveying
  • Airport
  • Material Handling
  • Beverage
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Corrugated
  • 90 Degree Transfer
  • Warehouse
iconvey Environmental friendly
  • High wear resistance
  • Instant impact resistance
  • lasting
  • Wear-resistant
  • Anti-smashing
  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Modular Design
  • Safe & Stable
  • Prevent Accidental Injury


90 degree transferring conveyor

Conveyor Parameters

  • Sepcification: Standard

  • Product Size:As Per Requirement

  • Speed: Adjustable(0.5-2m/s – 50kg )

  • Voltage: 220V-500V

  • Power: 0.4KW-3KW

  • Motor: SEW , Nord or Others

  • Color: As Per Requirement

  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

  • Belt Material PP, PE,POM, PA

  • Transferring Degree: 90°

  • Features: Waterproof and Heat Resistant

  • Certificate: FDA/ ISO9001:2009/CE

  • Maximum Loading Capacity: 350kg

90 Degree Transfer Conveyor Modular Belt Types

Ball angle of 3800-2c
modular belt 3800-2c.png

Modular Belt Parameters

  • Minimum Width:259mm
  • Open Area:15%
  • Approved:FDA/EU/ISO/CE
  • Rod:5.8mm
  • Color:White,Blue,Grey or Customized
  • Specification:14.3kg/square meter
  • Flight: Non
  • Side Guard: Non
  • Curve : Non

Download Engineering Manuals

Belts Manuals

Belts Manuals

Our Success Projects & Solution

At ICONVEY®, we are not just conveyor machine manufacturers; we are your partners in success. We provide comprehensive support from concept to installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation of our conveyor systems. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to collaborate with you, providing personalized guidance and solutions that maximize your operational efficiency.

SF Express Asia Sorting Center
SF Express Asia Sorting Center
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Pepsi beverage factory
Pepsi beverage factory

More Modular Belt Type Are Available

  • ICONVEY modular belt conveyors are crafted using a lightweight, yet robust, polycarbonate material. This choice of material ensures that these conveyors offer a perfect balance of portability and durability. Additionally, the conveyors boast a versatile range of plastic link belting options, including flat top, flush grid, rubber top, mesh top, and accumulation conveyor belts. These interchangeable belting styles are tailored to meet the specific operational requirements of your business.

  • To enhance convenience, ICONVEY modular belt conveyors come with various frame options, many of which are equipped with casters. This feature enables you to effortlessly move the conveyors around, making them highly portable. Moreover, if you’re aiming to maximize floor space and improve efficiencies, ICONVEY offers overhead conveyors that can be suspended from the ceiling.

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