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Optimizing Material Handling Efficiency

Unleash the power of ICONVEY® Sortation Conveyor & Sorting Systems, encompassing Modular Belt Sorting Systems, Narrow Belt Sorters, Swivel Wheel Sorters, Cross-Belt Sorters, Telescopic Belt Conveyors, DWS, Sorting Robots, and more. Meticulously designed for Express, Logistics, Postal, E-commerce, and Airport Industries, our solutions redefine efficiency and accuracy in material handling. ICONVEY® is your trusted partner for cutting-edge logistics solutions, ensuring seamless operations across diverse industries.

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Transforming Material Handling Excellence with ICONVEY® Sortation Conveyor & Sorting Systems

Choosing the Ideal Sortation Conveyor for Your Needs

Suitable For Very Large Sorting Centers, High Throughput Sorting Centers


High Speeds Of Up To 3.1 M/S (10 Ft/S)
Providing Excellent Sorting Capabilities And Up To 99.99% Accuracy
The Maximum Sorting Capacity Is 60,000 Pieces/Hour

Covering small, medium and large sorting centers, suitable for express stations


Up to 9,000 items/Hour, Up to 180m/min
99.99% Accuracy
Support Any Shape Object

Applicable To A Variety Of Scenarios, Flexible Customization


ICONVEY® Modular Belt Sorting System: Modular design for site flexibility, seamless integration with cross belts, electric narrow belts, and balance wheel conveyors. Achieves high-speed sorting at 120 m/min for efficient and adaptable operations.

Applicable to: E-commerce, Small-Scale Sorting, Logistics Sorting Center


The Swivel Wheel Sorter, handling 6000 items per hour, is ideal for e-commerce and large-scale sorting centers. Its adaptability to diverse items, advanced sorting tech, and customizable sizes make it a highly efficient and low-maintenance solution for optimizing sorting operations.


Dynamic DWS System

Infeed Platform

Our Success Stories in Sortation Conveyor Projects & Solutions

At ICONVEY®, we go beyond being conveyor machine manufacturers; we are your strategic allies in success. Offering end-to-end support, from conceptualization to installation, we ensure a smooth and efficient integration of our Sortation Conveyor Systems. Our committed team of experts is prepared to work closely with you, delivering personalized guidance and solutions to optimize your operational efficiency.

SF Express Asia Sorting Center
SF Express Asia Sorting Center
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Zhongshan Paper Corrugated Factory
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Midea unmanned automation workshop
Pepsi beverage factory
Pepsi beverage factory

Explore More Modular Belt Types and Accessories from HONG'S BELT

Delve into the diverse modular belt options and conveyor accessories from HONG’S BELT, a subsidiary of ICONVEY. Our modular belt conveyors, featuring robust polycarbonate construction, offer a wide range of belting options, including flat top, flush grid, rubber top, mesh top, and accumulation conveyor belts. Tailor your conveyor to specific operational needs with interchangeable belting styles. Discover various frame options, some equipped with casters for easy portability, and overhead conveyors for efficient use of space. Explore the comprehensive range of modular belts and accessories under the trusted brand, HONG’S BELT.

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Our ultra-large logistics sorting project in Vietnam benefits from ICONVEY's excellent technical strength, which perfectly solves the problem of limited space. Currently, the number of sorting items per day reaches 160,000 pieces, and our on-site operation team only needs 40 people.
SF Express Asia Sorting Center
Pisze P
The ICONVEY brand of South China Xinhai has been cooperating with us for 16 years. At present, the 37 logistics sorting centers under the group are still operating stably. I wish ICONVEY better and better
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