Modular Belt Sorting System

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  • If you need roller conveyors or conveyor belt wheels, we can also provide.

Express, Logistics Automatic Sorting

Realize Automatic and Intelligent Sorting of Products, Packaging, Express Delivery and Logistics.

Full-featured Multi-scene Coverage

We Cooperated with Dhl & Amazon to Help Them Solve Multi-scenario Application Parcel Sorting

Automated Systems Maximize Operating Cost Savings

Modular System, Extremely Low Equipment Maintenance Cost, 24-hour Work, More than 5 Times the Efficiency

  • We have served projects in more than 80 regions and countries with global delivery capabilities

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Product Series & Application Cases

Matrix Initial Sorting

  • Realize automatic sorting of parcels in the parcel matrix area sorting line 
  • Unilateral or bilateral automatic sorting  mode
  • The eauipment can realize the fully automated sorting of all package types
  • For more features, download the white paper

Sorting Center

  • Eilminate all-round manual operations and improve orderly supply effiency
  • Prevent slippage of conveyor belt, smooth & orderly transportation
  • Fully automatic package supply & distribution
  • Fully warning

Package Centered & Sided

  • For parcels bulk convert flow whit spacing parcel flow
  • prepare for subsequent dimensional measurement, weighing, scanning, and feed handling steps
  • Ensure parcels do not overlap side by side during separation
  • For more features, download the white paper

More common applications

  • Modular Belt Heavy Loading Conveyor
  • Modular Belt 90° Transferring Conveyor
  • Modular Belt Inclined Conveyor
  • And more, Contact us

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Flexible Modular Belt Solutions for Every Need

ICONVEY is the Equipment Provider, HONGSBELT is the Module Belt Provider, We work tirelessly to succeed. Our Modular Conveyor Belt, which not only solves the application problems of traditional rubber conveyor belt, but also provide special solutions for customers.

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