Swivel Wheel Sorter


Swivel Wheel Sorter

ICONVEY® MX-Series™ Swivel Wheel Sorter enable fully automated sorting in postal, express, e-commerce and distribution centers. The system consists of a swing module, a 48V DC electric drum, a frame and a control system; the transmission of the package is realized through the rotation of the electric drum, and the direction of the package is changed by changing the angle of the electric drum; 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees can be used degree angle for sorting. It is designed to handle a wide variety of products at high speeds of up to 2.5 m/s (8 ft/s), providing excellent sorting capabilities and up to 99.99% accuracy. The maximum sorting capacity is 8000 pieces/hour.


Up to 8,000 items/Hour

speed 1

Up to 2.5m/sec (8 ft/sec)

99.99% accuracy

99.99% Accuracy

Support Any Shape Object

Max Product Weight:80kg/m2

Sorting Industry Solutions for Medium Throughput

  • ICONVEY has hundreds of cooperation experiences with dozens of logistics companies such as Amazon, DHL, China Post, SF Express, Jitu International Logistics, etc., and its products have been widely recognized by customers.

  • Long life, durable, easy maintenance, High reliability and strong stability
    Modular design, random layout, Ultra-low noise design

  • Simple mechanical structure, mechanically very robust, space-saving design, simple and economical maintenance

  • It delivers unrivaled 99.99% accuracy and high sorting capacity regardless of item type.

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Applicable to: E-commerce, Small-Scale Sorting


Applicable To: Logistics Sorting Center,  Ultra-Large Scale Sorting

Swivel Wheel Sorter - 1
BEIJING Post Logistics Sorting Center -ICONVEY Swivel Wheel Sorter

ICONVEY Has Hundreds of Project Experience in Design and Project

We have accumulated experience in hundreds of logistics sorting projects around the world, and developed Swivel Wheel Sorter suitable for almost all environments. The revolutionary second generation ICONVEY Swivel Wheel Sorter adapts perfectly to any physical constraints, the Swivel Wheel Sorter is a popular choice in numerous industries and applications, flexible and easy to implement. This sorting option does not require much space, making them a great option for sorting on smaller conveyors. As a R&D manufacturer, ICONVEY has industry-leading R&D strength and rich project experience. We can quickly determine the best solution. So the systems we install today are the best solutions for tomorrow.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular DesignDesigned with individual motorized rollers, creating modularity for easy maintenance.
  • Customizable DesignDifferent colors and metal materials can be designed according to your needs
  • Detachable designAll balance wheels can be disassembled and repaired separately, which greatly reduces your follow-up maintenance costs
  • Siemens customized software for easy operationWe customize the software with Siemens, and can customize the required software services according to user needs
Swivel Wheel Sorter - 2
Swivel Wheel Sorter
Swivel Wheel Sorter Controller
ICONVEY Swivel Wheel Sorter Controller

Product Parameters

Balance wheel type Electric drum type Note Weight
Principle of sorting Electric drum drive + servo steering motor to change direction Modular drive
speed 0.6-2.5m/s Velocity of line
Main size 
(see right picture)
Number of rollers :95
(10 rows, 5 controls)
Main size 
(see right picture)
Number of rollers: 60
(8 rows and 4 controls)
Main size 
(see right picture)
Number of rollers: 126
(12 rows, 6 controls)
Mode of sorting Double side sorting + straight line transmission
Processing power 4000-8000 Piece/hour The larger the item, the less processing per hour
Accuracy rate of separation 100%
Minimum express size 150*150*50
Maximum express size 1000*700*700
Minimum express weight 0.3kg
Maximum express weight 80kg
Test noise (Single pendulum wheel running 65db)
Rated power rating 4.25KW/3KW/5.7KW

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