ICONVEY Truck Loading Conveyors – Telescopic Conveyors provide the highest level of productivity for large volume, shipping and receiving applications for any type of distribution center. Automate your loading and unloading areas and convey a variety of products from large or small cartons to loose bags and tires. The conveyor is easy to set up and use. Little training is required to operate it. We can provide the operation manual and guidance on standard solutions.

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Benefits of ICONVEY Truck Loading Conveyor - Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Industry Application

  • Distribution Centers
  • E-Commerce
  • Tire Handling
  • Parcel Post
  • Warehouse
  • Wine & Spirits


  • How to unload a truck without a loading dock or truck loading ramp?
  • Now you can try a portable Truck Loading Conveyor for loading and unloading.Using Iconvey loading ramp conveyor, which is a extendable machine, while you would never need other truck loading unloading equipment.
  • Easy integration makes them an appealing choice for existing warehouses as well and the cheapest option to overcome bottlenecks in loading and unloading in most logistics segments.
iconvey sturdy

The whole can be lifted and retracted, and the size can be adapted to a variety of loading and unloading environments for reliable connection with existing equipment.

iconvey Environmental friendly
Standard work

The standardized loading and unloading warehousing process is carried out in an orderly manner, which effectively avoids the chaotic phenomenon of on-site operations.

Safety efficiency

It shortens the distance of manual round-trip handling of goods, effectively reduces labor intensity, reduces damage to goods, reduces loading and unloading costs.

Conveyor Parameters

Telescopic Belt Conveyor DETAILS


  • Sepcification: Multiple Choices
  • Maximum Load: 50KG / Box. 60KG / Meter
  • Conveyance Speed: 25-40 M / Min
  • Telescopic speed: 10-20 M / Min
  • Belt Width: 800MM
  • Belt Thickness: 3MM/4MM
  • Belt Material: PVC/PVK
  • Belt Butt joint: Hot melt
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Color: Chose by You
  • Frame Material:Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Certificate: FDA/ ISO9001:2009/CE

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Truck Loading Conveyor - Telescopic Belt Conveyor All Models

Two-section Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor 3

Three-section Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor 4

Four-section Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Five-section Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor 2

Double Drawer Type Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Mini Loading and Unloading Telescopic Belt Conveyor

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