SF Express Sorting Project

1. Parter Introduction

SF Express is the second largest express company in China and it is the most profitable express company with company value over USD24 billion. Its delivery speed and customer satifaction rank the first among Chinese express companies which make it the leader of Chinese express industry.

2. Project Introduction

SF Express require high level sorter which must have high sorting efficency, high accuracy,  wide sorting items range, and stable performance. With excellent performance, iConvey’s sorter meet SF Express strandard and our sorter has widely applied to dozens of its distribution center including Changping project, Changcun project, Humen project, Yiwu project and so on. The overall length is up to 8000 meters.

In order to apply to different situation, we vary our sorter’s design including unilateral sorter, bilateral sorter, heavy loading sorter for huge and heavy items etc. 

These projects for SF Express prove the excellent preformance of our sorter.

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