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Corrugated board production line is a special equipment for producing corrugated board. Mainly composed of base paper rack, paper feeding trolley, preheating cylinder (corrugated paper, lining paper, intermediate paper), paper splicing machine, single-sided corrugating machine (vacuum adsorption negative pressure, cassette type, air cushion positive pressure), conveying Overpass, overpass suction, multiple hot cylinders, sizing machine, double-sided machine, (computer) slitting and pressing machine, (computer screw, straight knife) cross-cutting machine, horizontal conveyor, horizontal discharge stacking machine, (automatic order splitting) , points) stacker and steam heating system, air compression system, glue system, electrical control system, steam recovery system and other main equipment.

A complete corrugated board production line should include single machines and systems for all corrugated board production processes. It can also be simplified or added according to user needs, such as special equipment such as printing patterns and trademark patterns (pre-printing), gluing, plastic coating and moisture-proof.

Two or more layers of paper products can be called cardboard when they are laminated together. Two-layer cardboard is generally composed of a layer of pit paper and a layer of lining paper, which is called see-pit cardboard. It only needs to be equipped with a single-sided corrugating machine and One or two paper racks plus a vertical and cross-cutting conveyor (double knife, E pit, knife throwing machine).

Three-layer cardboard is generally composed of a layer of lining paper, a layer of paper, and a layer of corrugated cardboard. The corrugated cardboard production equipment with more than three layers is assembled together to form a corrugated cardboard production line.

Five, seven-layer corrugated cardboard production line and so on.

Fake seven layers, fake nine layers.

Four-layer, six-layer cardboard is also called see pit cardboard (face paper).

The design speed of the corrugated board production line is from 60 to 250m/min, and the effective width of the paper is from 1400 to 2500mm. The corrugated board manufacturer determines the corrugated height and number of corrugated board according to the market demand.

The corrugated cardboard production line is formed by corrugating, gluing, drying, cooling and shaping, slitting, creasing, and cross-cutting of the reel base paper, and finally produces qualified cardboard products through conveying, stacking and other processes. Efficient assembly line work.

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