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1 Conclusion

What is automatic sorting? A simple explanation, the so-called automatic sorting is to automate the transportation of finished products, intelligentize the identification and sorting of finished products, and intelligentize product classification and warehousing information.

So why is it recommended to use automatic sorting instead of manual sorting? The reason for using automatic sorting is to reduce the labor intensity of employees, improve safety and reliability, prevent safety accidents, improve the level of enterprise intelligence and automation, build smart factories, and improve The company’s semi-steel tire sorting and transportation work efficiency.

2. Assumptions

Suppose your tire factory has a daily production capacity of about 18,000 tires, produces about 120 tire specifications per day, and produces 80 specifications online at the same time, requiring about 50 employees to manually sort.

Manual sorting

The original transportation line can only transport the finished tires from the vulcanization workshop to the finished product sorting area. The sorting and handling of the finished tires are all manually operated, and the labor intensity of employees is high and the efficiency is low; there are many product specifications, and there are errors in the manual sorting process. Especially in summer, due to the high ambient temperature and high labor intensity of the work site, the turnover rate of employees has been high in previous years, and the recruitment of tire sorting workers will only become more and more difficult in the future.

Automatic sorting

Labor cost: According to the previous assumption, if the labor cost is reduced by 50 people and the labor cost is roughly estimated to be $20,000 per year, the labor cost will be saved at least $1 million per year.

Sorting efficiency: On the one hand, it reduces overtime and saves expenses, on the other hand, the sorting efficiency is more than doubled, and the annual economic benefit is increased by 80,000 US dollars

Error rate: At least 100% reduction, saving about $30,000 in correction costs a year

Work intensity of employees: greatly reduce the work intensity of employees, improve employee happiness, effectively reduce the turnover rate

Safety and reliability: The accident rate is greatly reduced, and the cost saving is at least 20,000 US dollars per year, but in fact, once a major safety accident occurs, the impact on the enterprise may be devastating

Energy consumption:

Automatic sorting needs to maintain the following principles to save energy

  1. Follow the principle of energy saving
  2. Cross-conveying principle
  3. The principle of starting section by section, storing section by section
  4. Minimize line vibration
  5. Fast automatic sorting

To sum up

It is economical and reasonable to replace manual sorting with automatic sorting, with advanced technology and reliable performance.

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