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Double-sided corrugating machine is to glue the single-sided corrugated cardboard and face paper after gluing, heat curing, drying and cold-setting into three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer corrugated cardboard, and then convey the formed corrugated cardboard. Cutting and processing cardboard for equipment such as slitting and creasing machines. Composition: The double-sided machine consists of a hot section and a cold section. The heating section consists of several groups of hot ovens with smooth and smooth surfaces, on which corrugated cardboard is directly attached. The cardboard is heated and dried under certain pressure. The heating section is further divided into a high temperature area and a low temperature area. The high temperature area makes the adhesive gelatinize and dry to enhance the cohesive force. The low temperature zone dries and stabilizes the corrugated board. The function of the cooling section is to dissipate excess heat, distribute water evenly, avoid warping, and make the corrugated cardboard flat and shaped before entering the next process.

The number of hot plates in the hot section should match the high-speed production line. Otherwise, the glued cardboard will be insufficiently dried, and the adhesive will be poorly gelatinized. If the speed is too fast, a large number of cardboards will be degummed and too soft. Usually, the number of hot plates cannot be small. at 18.

Advantages of double-sided machine hot pressing plate: The hot pressing plate is installed in the hot plate part of the hot section, which is used to replace the traditional gravity pressing roller, so that the corrugated cardboard can be quickly transferred and dried in the hot plate part. The hot plate of the hot section is made of special wear-resistant stainless steel sheet or plated steel plate and a special spring. Each hot plate is divided into a group, and each group of hot plates can be automatically Choose to lift, easy to operate.

We know that any substance has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, and when the corrugated cardboard is dried by the hot plate, it will take away a lot of heat, making the temperature of the bottom and surface of the hot plate inconsistent.

When the temperature above is low, the hot baking plate will be concavely deformed, especially the first to fifth blocks have the most obvious changes. The faster the speed, the more heat is removed and the greater the deformation. In addition, the traditional gravity pressing roller is a straight line, which is in line contact and will not bend with the deformation of the hot plate. In this way, the middle part cannot be touched and pressed, and the two sides are too heavy, resulting in degumming, blistering, and poor bonding in the middle of the cardboard. Of course, the corrugated shape on both sides is flattened. In addition, its heat transfer efficiency is low. If the speed is too fast, the cardboard will be degummed due to insufficient heat, resulting in poor fit. Because the roller pressing shaft is installed separately, the weight is not easy to adjust, it is easy to flatten the corrugated cardboard and reverse the corrugated phenomenon, and the produced cardboard will also be bent unevenly, especially when the single-corrugated and double-corrugated cardboard is changed. Adjustment.

The hot plate contact plate is specially designed for the above problems. Its working principle is the same as that of the spring-type contact pressure rod on the glue coating machine. It is assembled by springs and grouped wear-resistant stainless steel sheets.

Through the spring with constant elastic force, the stable pressure required to be applied to the hot plate can be guaranteed at any time, so that the corrugated core paper can be completely attached to the hot baking plate, so that every part of the corrugated cardboard can be heated evenly. Whether the hot plate is deformed, concave or protruding, the spring with balanced elastic force always sticks the pressing plates on the hot plate as the hot plate is concave or protruded, even if the core paper of poor quality is used. It will flatten the corrugated shape, and has high heating efficiency and fast gelatinization speed. According to the test, the heat transfer efficiency of the hot plate after the modification of the hot plate is greatly improved than that of the traditional roller pressing, and of course the speed of the cardboard after entering the drying plate is also greatly improved. In addition, each hot plate is provided with a group of hot pressing plates which can be independently controlled to rise and fall, and each group of hot pressing plates can be controlled independently. The lift can be freely selected according to different speeds and different temperatures. It can be automatically (PLC controlled) or manually controlled to lift, which is very simple and convenient to use.

In summary, we recommend that the corrugated production line must use a double-sided corrugator.

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